Senior Spotlight: Gary Turner


Another senior I chose to interview for Senior Spotlight is Gary Turner. Gary is someone with big dreams who is going to go far in life. His determination was a big reason why I chose him for this. Through all his hard work, he definitely deserves some recognition.

After high school Gary plans are to go to college, get a job, and save up to buy whatever he wants. Gary does plan on leaving PA for good after high school. For college, Gary plans to attend either Penn State or Juco College in Florida. Basketball is really big to Gary so he has decided to continue playing it in college. After college, he wants to be a professional basketball player.

His goals for his last school year is to win multiple games, improve as a team, go to playoffs, and get a championship. His advice for younger grades is to save your money up, learn how to communicate, and have an idea of what you’re going to do in college. For his high school experience it was slow at the beginning around his freshman year, but in the end it’s all coming together finally.